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Cow & Calf formula
is a Unique New Zealand Product

Made from Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera.

It is a preventative and scientifically proven product to boost the immune system of cows and calves.

Calf Rearing

Calf Rearing is an important part of dairy farming. Calves particularly need a good start, in order to grow healthy. After all they are your future income earners. Cow & Calf Formula is an essential tool that will give you consistently good results.

We are so confident that we GUARANTEE the results. It is very cost effective. For less than the cost of electrolyte treatment you can have scour free calves.

Healthy Calves

Mastitis Prevention

The cost of mastitis is hugely significant in dairy farming and the overuse of antibiotics has created superbugs that are a major challenge to the industry.

The NZ Veterinary Association has indicated that alternatives to antibiotic use in animals will be mainstream in NZ by 2030.

Cow & Calf Formula is an excellent alternative which has no withholding period, and it boosts the immune system to fight infection.

Healthy Cows

Daily dosing with Cow & Calf Formula of all members of dairy herds (in a trough or shed feed bins) will simplify several aspects of dairy farming.

Boosted immune systems create healthier cows, so there are fewer vet bills, and each cow produces more milk.

Thus more farm profit from both factors.

Welcome to DairyCare NZ

DairyCare NZ is an Auckland based company that has for many years been creating and selling healthcare products, mainly for New Zealand dairy cows. Our business helps dairy farmers to keep animals healthy, reduce antibiotic use and costs, and assist in increasing farm profitability.

Most of our products were originally based on the multiple curative claims and uses of the preserved inner flesh of the Aloe Vera plant.

Writings about what healing and health benefits Aloe Vera could achieve, used both as a tonic and applied topically to skin problems, have been around for more than 30 years and Aloe Vera based products have been strongly praised by veterinarians for use on animals in UK, USA and several countries.Interestingly, the Coat of Arms of the College of Veterinary Surgeons has the Centaur holding a shield showing a picture of Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant.



Then we got better

About fifteen years ago DairyCare NZ got together with Dr. Peter Molan of Waikato University, who had researched the anti-bacterial and healing properties in what is now a distinctly New Zealand product –  Manuka Honey.

Tests and now long term use by farmers, have shown that combining Aloe Vera and Manuka Honey in our patented Cow and Calf Formula, creates a uniquely New Zealand healthcare product, where each element contributes specific properties and additional benefits which are not available in either alone.

An added, but initially unexpected benefit, is the finding that farmers using Cow and Calf Formula considerably increase the milk yields from their cows. 

They have fewer vet bills and their milk dockets show increased quantities of milk supplied. Thus, these farmers see a reduction in Farm Working Expenses and added profitability for the farm business. 

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Laboratory testing conducted through AgResearch has shown that Cow & Calf Formula stimulates immune cells and has antibacterial activity, without the potency or side effects of antibiotics. At a time when antibiotic resistance is becoming a worldwide concern, finding potential alternatives is becoming a greater necessity.


More products and information

DairyCare NZ also make several aloe based products, both as concentrates and gels, which have amazing healing properties for external wounds, rashes and skin irritations – See our Products section.

Our field trials have produced some very positive results – Click here for Trial Data section for details.

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