Cow and Calf Formula

Cow and Calf Formula is a unique product based on the combination of Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera specifically selected for its influence on animal performance. 

With a low inclusion rate and research clarifying its performance responses, it is ideal for dairy, beef and calf. Cow and Calf Formula provides a cost-effective means of maintaining higher milk production, enhance digestibility and better immune response. It has been trusted by New Zealand farmers for over 20 years as key part of their animal feeding program.

Cow & Calf Formula is a great alternative to antibiotics and a very good preventative medicine.  The overuse of antibiotics has resulted in developed resistance to the usefulness of such treatments, whereas using Cow & Calf Formula from day one of your calves’ lives, and for cows from the start of the new milking season, will naturally build strong immune and healthy digestive systems. Therefore, it will reduce future vet bills and loss of milk production.

Cow and Calf Formula For Dairy Cows

Cow and Calf Formula promotes enhanced rumen through improved feed digestibility and the stabilization of rumen pH to keep rumen microbes steadily active. It promotes the growth of fiber-digestibility bacteria in the rumen and also stimulates immune responses.

  • Enhances feed digestion and utilization of nutrients
  • Sustain higher milk production
  • Maintain body condition in high producers
  • Boost udder health
  • Reduce SCC and mastitis
  • Cost-effective means of improving dairy performance and profitability

Cow and Calf Formula For Calves

Cow and Calf Formula incorporated into calves contributes to the development of their immune system, promotes gut health and supports overall animal performance.

  • Boost immune system development
  • Maintains gut health and integrity
  • Better growth rates
  • Reduce scores


A New Zealand study conducted by AgResearch proved a 4.7% milk yield increase with Cow and Calf Formula.

DairyCare’s aloe vera and manuka honey commercial feed supplement (Cow and Calf Formula) was fed to approximately 40% of a commercial New Zealand herd which had 1000 cows from spring calving (August) to the end of lactations (the following April).

The supplement was added to the feed of identified test cows via transponder units during feeding at milking. At peak lactation there was a 5.5% increase (11.76 versus 12.41 litres per milking for control and treated cows respectively; P<0.001) in yield for the supplemented cows (August to October), and over the whole season there was a 4.7% milk yield increase (8.12 versus 8.50 litres per milking for control and treated cows respectively), which was not due to genetics, parity, calving date or breeding value of individual animals.

Data from December and January showed no significant increase in milk yield due to a major drought and loss of grazed forage intakes. From these benefits, it’s considered that Aloe Vera and Manuka honey, acting either separately or in synergy resulted in more nutrients being available for milk production. Read More

Dr Peter Molan pioneered the research in health uses for Manuka Honey at Waikato University in New Zealand.  Also, Dr David Urch, a well known Veterinarian in England, has written a book (Aloe Vera, Nature’s Gift) subtitled ‘Aloe Vera in Veterinary Practice’.  Dr Urch has also tested our product and achieved very good results with it.