Unique formula boosts milk production

by December 27, 2018

An Aloe Vera and Manuka stock supplement is helping a Northland herd stay healthier says its Dargaville owner.

Kevin Hopkinson, his wife Raewyn and his sons milk 250 cows on 100ha southwest of the town.

He says for 18 years the DairyCare cow and calf formula and teat salve have boosted cow performance. The product promotes udder health and contributes to production, and it boosts calves’ immune systems and growth patterns says DairyCare managing director Kuldeep Sharma.

Hopkinson started using the product in the late 1990s on a word from his brother-in-law. “I always had it in the shed; it worked so well I just kept on using it.” The herd produced 82,000kgMS before severe droughts in 2011-12 and 2013-14 but Hopkinson says they have since managed to produce 72,000kgMS.

He has also been impressed with lifts in test fat and protein. “It improves their kgMS tests and protein and boosts their immune system. It’s because the product itself has amino acids.” The Hopkinsons rear 100 calves on the farm’s whole milk. The calves are said to have had few metabolic problems, gaining weight quickly and growing to productive replacements.

Hopkinson doses stock through a Dosatron at the shed – 10-20ml/cow/day; the cows have access to the tonic all season. Calves get the tonic in the milk, 1-2ml/feed, or more if needed.

The formula for cows mixes at 2L/20L of water, which lasts 1-2 weeks depending on stock water intake. Hopkinson uses the company’s aloe-rich gel on cows with cracked teats or hooves.

He says several treatments heal most cracks. “I probably use it for three or four days after a cow comes in with cut or cracked hooves.”

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