Swing for Schools

Swing for Schools

This an annual charity event held at Tahuna Golf Course to raise funds for Tahuna and Taihei Schools. This is the third year of the tournament, last year we raised $1250. The sponsors last year were: BioAg, PPP Industries, Tahuna Gold Honey, Fairview Ford and DairyCare NZ.

All have indicated that they will sponsor a hole again for the tournament to be held on March 29, 2017. This is great opportunity to promote your product and take part in a fun day. There will be BBQ and Drinks and lot of prizes.

How it all started and now we have a great name “Swing for Schools”

Swing for Schools gets ready to tee off on March 29th 2017

There has been a lot of interest in the Swing for Schools programme that I initiated in 2015, so I thought it would be good to tell the story of how this great community event began.

How it all started……

My role at DairycareNZ demands that I go out to meet with dairy farmers on site. Hence to say, I’m out on the road a lot. One day I was driving through what New Zealanders tend to refer to as a: blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-town when my eye was drawn to the local school. Their motto: learning for life, really stuck a chord with me. My belief is, it’s important to look after our next generation and give them the best chance possible.

The town was Tahuna and, before your fingers type google maps into the search bar, allow me. Tahuna is a small rural settlement located 18km north of Morrinsville. Small being the operative word!

As I like to play golf, I was both excited and delighted to discover the Tahuna Golf Course. What a wonderful bunch of genuine and friendly people. We all got talking (as you do on the golf course), when an idea started to form…..

What if…….

What if I was to create an event involving three of my passions:

  • Golf
  • Supporting the next generation
  • Promoting Quality products to Dairy farmers

Now that got me very excited indeed and I was thrilled the team at Tahuna Golf course were keen to be involved as well.

Like any event, there must be a starting point, so we put the last Wednesday of March in the golf course calendar, and set about getting this event off the ground.

The first year DairycareNZ donated $500 to Tahuna school.

Not bad for a start but we knew we could do better.

The second year we got sponsors to join us! Word was spreading around the community of this golf event. As the name Swing for Schools was such a catchy one, it brought in more individual players keen to be involved.

In 2016 we raised $1250 for two schools: Tahuna and Taihei. It makes me feel proud to be part of an event that puts back into the community I work in and what a fantastic community it is.

Our Sponsors for 2017

We are proud to announce our rapidly growing sponsor list


May the Course be with you

Now, here we are racing towards the 2017 tournament on March 29th   at the wonderful Tahuna Golf Course. For those of you who are interested, a little bit about this rural golf course:

18 HOLE. Men par 69. Women par 72.
PRACTICE putting green.
TAHUNA GOLF COURSE is set in rich, rolling countryside near Piako River. Easy walking, well maintained where you will find plenty of variety. A friendly course where visitors are always welcome.


What they don’t tell you about is the sheep you often encounter on the course! All part of the rural golfing experience.


If you have a driving ambition to be part of this wonderful community event, please contact Kuldeep on: 0800 820 830 or ks@dairycare.co.nz we would love to hear from you.


P.S One last thing, remember to bring a spare set of pants, in case you get a hole in one…….

Tahuna Golf Course

March 29, 2017

Ambrose tournament
Cost to play members $25 Non-Members $30

Corporate sponsor Each whole $300
Promote your product to dairy farmers
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