Soil Testing

The soil is a great asset. Taking care of your soils will help to improve crop production, protect the environment from nutrient leaching, aid in the diagnosis of plant culture problems and improve nutrient balance.

Why soil test?

The nutrients in the soil change as they are constantly removed by plants, leaching, and erosion and replenished by organic matter decomposition and fertiliser inputs. Understanding soil nutrient status is important regardless of whether you are a large-scale operation or small lifestyle block owner.

Soil testing will reveal the nutrient status of the soil and help you to:

How often soil must be sampled and how many?

We recommended regular testing on a planned basis is helpful to monitor the soil fertility trends rather than relying intermittent testing.

Most farms have variations in soil type, topography, and land use. The key is taking representative samples to cover these variations. Sample numbers should increase with greater variations in these factors. Sampling as much of your farm possible will help in optimizing the fertilizer applications.

Choose the soil testing package that best suits your needs

Profile Tests
Basic soil profile pH, Olsen P, SO4-S, Mg, K, Ca, Na
Basic soil profile with CEC pH, Olsen P, SO4-S, Mg, K, Ca, Na, CEC, Base saturation
Basic soil profile RPR pH, Olsen P, SO4-S, Mg, K, Ca, Na, CEC, Base saturation, ASC, OS, Resin P
Brassica profile pH, Olsen P, SO4-S, Mg, K, Ca, Na, CEC, Base saturation, Boron, Potentially available nitrogen
Carbon:Nitrogen profile Total nitrogen, Total carbon, C:N ration organic matter, potentially available nitrogen

An accurate and detailed soil test is the basis to create a fertiliser plan to achieve the results you want.

DairyCare is associated with Eurofins to provide soil testing services. Eurofins is a global leader in agriculture testing and providing soil, plant, feed, and fertiliser testing services in New Zealand for over 30 years.

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