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We got AgResearch to test Cow & Calf Formula in the lab. The results came out positive. A significant immune activity was observed. There was moderate antimicrobial activity observed. This means that if a small dose is given as a preventative then the incidence of a major infection is reduced. 

On Farm Scientific Study

Journal of Applied Animal Nurtition CambridgeUniversity Press


An aloe vera and manuka honey commercial feed supplement was fed to approximately 40% of a commercial New Zealand herd which had 1000 cows from spring calving (August) to the end of lactations (the following April). The supplement was added to the feed of identified test cows via transponder units during feeding at milking. At peak lactation there was a 5.5% increase (11.76 versus 12.41 litres per milking for control and treated cows respectively; P<0.001) in yield for the supplemented cows (August to October), and over the whole season there was a 4.7% milk yield increase (8.12 versus 8.50 litres per milking for control and treated cows respectively), which was not due to genetics, parity, calving date or breeding value of individual animals. Data from December and January showing no significant increase in milk yield due to a major drought and loss of grazed forage intakes. From these benefits, it can considered that that the aloe vera and manuka honey, acting either separately or in synergy resulted in more nutrients being available for milk production. Read More

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