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Cow & Calf Formula is our flagship product made from high quality Manuka honey and Aloe vera. The formula is certified for organic input by BIOGRO NZ.

Can be used as a health tonic for cows all year, or as a drench in cases of ill health. Gets calves off to a healthy strat, see dosage below.

An effective, proven option to antibiotics (for mastitis etc), except in severe cases.

Contains important vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, saccharides and more.

Dosage and use

Cow & Calf Formula is sold as a concentrate, dilute with clean water 9:1

For healthy cows all season dose 5 ml per day per cow, via in line dispensing system, drench or feed system.

For sick cows (including those with high SCC) drench at 100 ml per day for 10 days.

For healthy calves – dosed in milk at 5 ml per calf per day until weaning.

For sick calves – drenched at 100 ml per day for 3 – 5 days

Increase Milk Production

Cow & Calf Formula helps to keep (SCC) somatic cell count down, but scientific tests conducted on a farm in Paeroa show that regular use will increase milk production by 4.7%.

Even at a conservative rate of 4% increase, rate of return on investment will be 35% to 70% depending on the payout. On the current forecasted pay out of $4.60 / kg ms We can virtually guarantee that you will get at least 50% return on investment in Cow & Calf formula. Rate of return on investment will vary if the payout is lower.

Cow and Calf Formula is packed with the goodness of Manuka Honey and Aloe vera, which have  nutrients and the essential elements necessary for their absorption. Aloe vera is widely recognised as being particularly effective for dairy cattle. Amongst its many benefits, its immune-system enhancing properties are typically demonstrated in improved udder health in cows and in healthier gastro-intestinal tract.

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