Farmers in New Zealand  have successfully used Cow & Calf Formula for over 20 years

Regular dosing builds immune system and less use of antibiotics
Dargavile Vets low SCC competition

Dargaville Vets Low SCC Competition

Karey and John Pulman have a 93ha (85ha eff) dairy farm near Dargaville.

They have won the Low SCC competition three years in a row

The herd of around 200 came with the farm, and are a mixture of Friesians, Jerseys and crossbreeds, and the existing SSC counts were at 250,000 at the start.  These days, thanks to daily doses of DairyCare Cow and Calf Formula over the last two seasons, it is down to an average of 59,000

“I have been successfully using the Cow & Calf Formula on my spring calves since 2012

and I wouldn’t do without it as my calves are always big and healthy. 

A must have in my calving shed.”

“I love the SkinTonic Shampoo.  It keeps my hair healthy, shiny and manageable.”

Maree Wilson, Tokoroa

Name: Tracy Hudson
E-mail: dthtransport@bigpond.com
Message: Hello, I am in Victoria, Australia and have been given a bottle of your Cow and Calf formula to try. I am wondering if i am able to make up diluted solution and keep it for a few days to use as needed or is it better to make fresh each day? I gave some (5ml) to sick calves i had yesterday and was quite impressed with how much they had improved by this morning. Regards, Tracy.