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Do you raise calves? Then you need to read this!

young calves thrive on Cow & Calf Formula

Do you raise calves? Then you need to read this!

Down on the farm, oops, down in Kingsland in Auckland, here at DairyCare NZ we are working hard to ensure the good health of the calves on the farms around New Zealand.


Cow & Calf Formula a great alternative to antibiotics
Healthy Cows & Calves
With our flagship product cow & calf formula, which has been successfully used by farmers for over 20 years. And you know what farmers are like, if a product doesn’t work they will not continue to use it.

BUT, if they do like it – they will use it over, and over again

Whether you are new to calf rearing or have been raising calves for years, sometimes even when you do all the right things, and take all the precautions possible calves get sick. Take one of our customers for example, an experienced farmer from Tauranga. He told us about a bad case of scours with one calf. The case was so bad he did not think the calf would last the night. But after using our formula the calf recovered by the morning and was busy looking for a feed (always a good sign!).These are the kind of stories we have herd (we couldn’t resist this) or even heard for over 15 years.We understand that calves are an investmentTherefore, the effort and care taken at the start of life will pay off handsomely in the future. Giving them the best start possible with Cow & Calf formula is one of the ways to ensure they reach target weights and perform well on a busy dairy farm by increasing milk production. We know you care about this, so if you want to read the facts and figures go here. 

And just why are we so excited about our popular formula?  

It is a unique New Zealand productIt has been made from our delicious Manuka Honey and Aloe VeraIt is a preventative and scientifically proven product to boost the immune system of cows and calves.Waikato dairy farmer Tracy Brown sums it up well when she says: “ I love seeing stock raised well, they are the future of the farming business”

Farming Objectives

What is one of the main objectives a farm will focus on? How they can save on vets bills.At DairyCare NZ we believe if your calves are provided with a healthy and balanced diet then, they are less likely to require a vet call out. What could be better than a formula that is organic?

We Love Organic and We’re Sure You Do Too!

As our cow & calf formula is certified Organic through BIOGRO NZ we can assure you of its goodness.We are delighted to report an increase in farmers wanting more organic products on the market. And equally delighted to report the NZ Veterinary Association has indicated that alternatives to antibiotic use in animals will be mainstream in NZ by 2030. But why wait? Cow & Calf formula is an excellent product which has no withholding period and boosts the immune system to fight infection.
DairyCare products are BioGro certified Organic
DairyCare products are BioGro certified inputs
So, even though we may operate from an office in Kingsland, you can be assured we have the best interests of your herd at heart.  We enjoy working with farmers to ensure that calves are reared and cared for in the best possible of ways.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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