Dairy Farming

Increase the number of healthy cow hours

Regular dosing builds immune system and less use of antibiotics

Mastitis prevention is in the interest of all parties involved in the production chain, from the dairy farmer to the dairy company and eventually the consumer.

The cost of mastitis is huge in terms of dollars spent and equally large in terms of lost production. In a report from the National Mastitis Prevention Committee (2006) led by scientist David Malcolm, it was stated that the cost to the ‘average’ supplier in NZ was at that time $36.50 per cow. For some farmers the penalties incurred meant the true cost would be much more. The report stated that each doubling of SCC levels resulted in a 1.8% loss in production or a loss of 5.8 kg of milk solids.

However it also reported that if that ‘average’ supplier could reduce overall SCC levels from 212,000 cells/ml to 150,000 a substantial total gain of around $20.00 per cow could be achieved at that time.


Scientifically Tested and Proven Guaranteed increase in milk production Healthy animals and low Somatic Cell Counts Better conception rates No Withholding period Calves thrive, gain weight quicker No scouring