Calving is a very special time of year, when the babies arrive.

by December 27, 2018

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DairyCare NZ want to make sure you give them the best possible start in life with our Cow & Calf Formula.  After all, they are your future income earners.

We are passionate about your newborn’s wellbeing and is know that it is hugely important that you have a successful calving season.  We have developed Cow & Calf Formula which, when added to milk feeds, will help to enhance their growth and development in the weeks to weaning, keeping them in good health.  DairyCare Cow & Calf Formula has been successfully used by farmers in New Zealand for over 20 years.

The world is moving away from overuse of antibiotics, particularly when used for disease prevention and increasing growth rates in farmed animals.  We believe that antibiotics are necessary in some cases for intractable infections, but not in the way our food producers have advocated their overuse to increase production in recent years.

Even our vets are recognizing there are alternatives to antibiotics.

“By 2030 New Zealand Inc will not need antibiotics for the maintenance of animal health and wellness.”

Dr Steve Merchant, New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) president

Our world renowned Cow & Calf Formula is a great alternative to antibiotics and a very good preventative medicine.  The overuse of antibiotics has resulted in developed resistance to the usefulness of such treatments, whereas using Cow & Calf Formula from day one of your calves lives, and for cows from the start of the new milking season, will naturally build strong immune and healthy digestive systems. Therefore, it will reduce future vet bills and loss of milk production.

Cow & Calf Formula is made from the highest quality Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera.  Dr Peter Molan pioneered the research in health uses for Manuka Honey at Waikato University in New Zealand.  Also, Dr David Urch, a well known Veterinarian in England, has written a book (Aloe Vera, Nature’s Gift) subtitled ‘Aloe Vera in Veterinary Practice’.  Dr Urch has also tested our product and achieved very good results with it.  Further positive results have been scientifically proven through AgResearch NZ and comprehensive testing at a farm near Paeroa NZ.

For less than the cost of electrolytes, you can prevent scours in calves by using our unique formula.

Just use DairyCare Cow and Calf Formula as directed on your calves until weaning and you will get scour free calves.  If not, then we will give you your money back.

Just give each calf 50ml of diluted Cow & Calf Formula on day one and then 5ml daily in their milk until weaned.

DairyCare Cow & Calf Formula is cost effective – only 9 cents a day per calf.  In 90% of the calves, you will not have to give anything else.

If a calf is off colour then give it 100ml diluted product daily via a syringe for 3-4 days.

Watch this video about calf rearing in New Zealand. Ray Morreel’s operation can very aptly be called a “Five Star Hotel for Calves” Enjoy and share with your friends.

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