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Calf Rearing Five Star Hotel for Calves

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Calf Rearing Five Star Hotel for Calves

Here is a video featuring Ray Morreel’s “Five Star Hotel for Calves” calf rearing operation near Tauranga. Ray passed away in an accident in December 2015. This is a tribute to him. Ray used to rear nearly 700 calves every year and his farm has very aptly been described as a “Five Star Hotel for Calves” This is how 99.9% of the calves are raised in New Zealand.4.5 million calves are born in New Zealand each year. Replacement calves account for around 40%, bobby 30% and 30% reared for meat. A replacement is a female calf.In New Zealand, we adopt seasonal calving, which means most calves are born during a two month period in spring. Calves are fed colostrum for the first few days and milk replacement until weaned off the milk.Calves that are not replacements are reared until weaned for meat and there are several professional calf rearers who buy calves and rear them until a target weight of 100 kilos is achieved. Idea is to get to the 100 kilo weight as soon as possible. Many calf rearers have found that by giving calves a small dose of Cow & Calf Formula in their milk, they gain weight quicker, saving around a week of weaning time. This translates into significant savings in the cost of milk powder.
Ray Morreel Tauranga based Calf Rearer
Ray Morreel
Ray started using Cow & Calf Formula nearly six years ago and since then he did not have to use scour ban and electrolytes. His use of antibiotics was virtually zero. Cow & Calf Formula is made from high quality Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera. It is a unique NZ product with patents in several countries. DairyCare NZ has conducted independent scientific research and proved its effectiveness. Cow & Calf helps to build a strong immune system. It has natural antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, which help to prevent scours and infection. There has been a lot of research done on Manuka Honey at University of Waikato and research on Aloe Vera has been done around the world for many years. The two ingredients are synergistically combined to make Cow & Calf Formula.Ray used to recommend DairyCare products to his friends.Watch this video and comment on it and share it with your friends

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